Manikappa Kohirkar

Mr Manikappa Kohirkar

Assistant Teacher (B.A., B.Ed.)

‘Experience is the teacher of all things’ goes a saying. Mr Manikappa alludes to the two most important words in this saying – Experience and Teacher. He comes with a scopious experience of around 36 years as Assistant teacher, Head master and Vice-Principal. He joined the portals of Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam in the year 2015 and teaches English and Social Science to the students.

Sri Suresh

Dr Suresh Khamitkar

Assistant Teacher (Ph.D., B.Ed.)

Dr Suresh has been associated with Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam ever since its commencement in the year 2012. He holds 16 years of experience in the teaching profession and currently teaches Hindi. He also helps with Logistics facilitation. Just being a part of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s education mission has conferred immense satisfaction on him.

Sri Tukaram

Mr Tukaram Kulkarni

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

MrTukaram comes with nine years of experience in teaching and handles Kannada and Social science. Apart from teaching subjects, he is keen on developing discipline and nurturing devotion as the very way of life in students.

Manju Kumar Patil

Mr Manju Kumar Patil

Assistant Teacher (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

Mr Manjunath joined Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam in June 2018. Six years of experience in the teaching profession has helped him learn the nuances of not just teaching but also making children learn. Mathematics is his prowess and he helps students reign supreme at it.

Mr Mallikarjuna Kori

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.P.Ed.)

Mr Mallikarjuna Kori’s faculty of Physical education tones up the muscles of children to its required tightness. Thanks to the eight years of experience he has brought with himself! He is also responsible of the Dispensary and RO system. His association with the Institution has evoked in him a sense of being a responsible educator.

Mr Sarvesh

Assistant Teacher (B.E. Computer Science)

In an age where men and their friends live in computers, Mr Sarvesh aids in the process of decoding computers only as a technology for use and as a science to marvel at, carefully steering clear of students being drawn to it like moth to a flame. He had worked for more than 15 years, operating the software and refitting the hardware of these automatic machines using his brain and brawn.

Veeresh D

Mr Veeresh D

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Mr Veeresh imparts the subjects of Kannada and Social Science to the children. General Knowledge is one of his prime areas of expertise as well. In his own words, ‘Living the wisdom of the Vedas is the motto of our Institution’.

Sri Govindappa

Mr Govindappa

Assistant Teacher (B.Sc., B.Ed.)

Mr Govindappa joined the Institution in the year 2013 to teach Mathematics and Science. After a passage of four years now, he knows that he has come for a much higher purpose. The purpose of transforming himself, and the children entrusted to him!

Sri Sangamesh

Mr Sangamesh Nyamagoudar

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Joined as a fresher in the Campus, Sri Sangamesh has been serving for the past four years as a Kannada and Social Science teacher.

Sri Mallaya Swami

Mr Mallaya Swamy

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Three years in the role of teaching English and Social Science has taught Sri Mallaya the major lessons of life, through the teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Mr Yankappa M Chinnani

Accountant (B.Com.)

Serving as an accountant in the Campus for the last two years, Sri Yankappa also buddies with new joiners and acclimatises them to the new environment.

Sri Sunil

Mr Sunil K

Accountant (B.Com.)

Mr Sunil serves as an Accountant at the Campus, and joined the Institution in June 2017.

Sri Ratnakar

Mr Ratnakar

Veda Teacher (B.A.)

Mr Ratnakar was appointed as a Veda teacher since June 2015. The resonance of Vedas in the Campus by all the children owes its sonority to him.

Gangadhar Maniyani

Mr Gangadhar Maniyani

Farm Supervisor

Mr Gangadhar takes care of the farm supervision and cherishes the moments during which the students rejoice in the germination of seeds into young seedlings.

Sri Gopalshetty

Mr Gopala Shetty

Store Manager

Sri Gopala Shetty joined Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanamin the year 2015. He manages the stores and also supervises the estate and plantation in the Campus.